Helen Hayes Theatre


The Helen Hayes opened in 1912 as the Little Theatre, designed by Ingalls & Hoffman for producer Winthrop Ames. Intimately sized with just 299 seats, it was later expanded to seat 597, though it remains the smallest Broadway theatre. In 1983, the theatre was renamed the Helen Hayes, a tribute to the actress and the original Helen Hayes Theatre that was demolished the year prior.

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  • Built: 1912
  • Number of Seats: 583
  • Longest Running Show: Gemini
  • Performances: 1,569
  • Stage Door: To the left as you exit the main 44th St. doors.
  • Bathrooms:

    Ladies: Orchestra level. Wheelchair-accessible restroom is also orchestra level.

    Men's: Lower lounge, down two flights of stairs. Wheelchair-accessible restroom is on orchestra level.

Helen Hayes Theatre
    • 240 W. 44th St.
    • New York
    • NY
    • United States