Fortune Theatre

  • Handicap Access: Access: 1. Level access to Foyer from the street through double doors.
    2. 7 steps up from Foyer to Dress Circle with 1 step between each row in auditorium.
    3. 21 steps down from Foyer to the Stalls.
    4. 40+ from Foyer to the Upper Circle.
    5. Most of the staircases have handrails on both sides.
    Description: 1. Deaf/Hard of Hearing: No sound amplification. There1s a member of staff who can do basic signing - please check when they will be on duty.
    2. Blind/Visually Impaired: No guide dogs in auditorium but staff can dog sit - 2 dogs per performance. There is a touch tour of the stage & props - ask at the box office.
    3. Wheelchair users: Because of fire regulations, the theatre is not allowed to have people who cannot leave their wheelchairs. For those who can transfer, the access is through a double EXIT door in Crown Court. There are 5 steps up to Dress Circle and staff can help you. One wheelchair user per performance and you must bring an able-bodied person with you.
Fortune Theatre
    • Russell Street
    • London WC2B 5HH
    • London
    • EN
    • UK

    Contact: 020 7240 1514